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Op het moment hebben wij minder tijd plekken beschikbaar in onze agenda. Dit is omdat wij het niveau van hygiene en schoonmaken / diinfecteren van werk plekken en gereedschap na elke klant nogmeer verhoogd hebben. Dus de gelimiteerde tijd plekken die beschikbaar zijn in de agenda zijn zeer waardevol en moeten gebruikt worden zoals geboekt. Als je niet kan annuleer 24 van te voren zodat een andere de tijd plek kan innemen. 

Als je niet annuleerd, niet komt op geboekte tijd of veel te laat kom dan moeten wij dit doorbereken als of jij er toch was. 

Wij hopen dat jij dit zal begrepen waarom wij deze verandering moeten maken.

Wij hopen dat jij veilig en gezond blijft en kijken uit naar je volgende bezoek.

AUB! lees hieronder voor meer informatie van onze protocolen. 

Onze excusen dat het in het Engels is.

Shop Rules

Due to the Coronavirus we would like to inform you about the Hygiene Protocol that we implement during your visit with us.

For the guests present in the shop:

  • In order to help us save time and minimise contact we ask our guest to please come with washed hair. Unless you are coming for a color.
    After a few weeks we will wash hair as usual.
  • Do you have symptoms like head cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, raised temperature (38C+) or fever. Please stay home; cancel appointment and make a new one. Last minute cancelation due to illness always accepted. Better safe than sorry.
  • Stay home if someone you live with has any of these symptoms. Cancel and make another appointment.
  • Triage health questions and a temperature check will be done at the door before entering.
  • Face masks are available. With triage they are not necessary but if you wish they can be used.
  • Social distancing still in affect. Our chairs are 2 meters apart. We are adding more seating outside the shop for extra waiting seats if necessary. Please remain socially aware of the distance.
  • Come maximum of 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment to avoid many people having to wait. We also will endeavour to work on time. However the situation is also new for us so bare with us please.
  • Come alone to the shop. Please don't bring friends who will wait for you. A underage child and people who need help or guidance may be with an adult.
  • Extra time has been booked per client to disinfect the station after every use. We also disinfect all our tools as we always have. Every client also gets a washed cape.
  • Wash your hands when you come in. We have hand sanitiser at the front door. There are face masks available for those that wish them used.
  • We only work by appointment only.
  • Please follow any instructions given by our team.
  • A Corona Tax of €5 is added to every client to compensate the extra time and costs that are made. After the crisis is over we will remove this. Thank you all for understanding.
  • Please pay by pin or mobile
  • If you forgot to book a section of your appointment for example you want to add a beard trim. That is not possibe while here in the shop getting a haircut. We apologize for the inconvienence. We at the moment do not have the time space to add additional time to appointment that wasn't already reserved.

You can cancel your appointment yourself 24 hours before by using the grey link (Annuleer Afspraak) in confirmation email that was sent to you (check your spam folders). Would you like to change your appointment? Cancel using link and make a new one online. You can also if all else fails contact us by telefoon using, tel. 020-8453778. It is not possible to change details of the the appointment online or by email or by phone. To change or cancel use link to cancel then make a new appointment.

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Thursday: 12 to 20

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