Our schedule:

We have made our schedule more transparent so you may choose a day that suits you best. There are a different amount of people present depending on the day. For each barber there is also a client present.

Tuesdays: On special request. Only 1 Barber present. Plenty of space.

Wednsdays: 12:00 to 20:00. Only 2 Barbers present. Spacing more than the minimum

Thursdays: 12:00 to 20:00. 3 Barbers plus Floor Manager. Spacing the minimum 2 meters.

Fridays & Saturdays: 10:00 to 18:00. 3 Barbers plus Floor Manager. Spacing the minimum 2 meters

Sundays: 10:00 to 18:00. Only 1 Barber present. Plenty of space.

If you are a NURSE OR DOCTOR OR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL working ICU or in direct contact with Covid19 patients, please contact us beforehand to discuss arranging a special booking.

Shop Policy - Continued

Our front door is locked due to Covid and therefore we do not allow walkins. You must have an appoinment to enter our barbershop. 


IF RETURNING FROM VACATION BEFORE COMING TO US. If you have booked an appointment and you are within 2 weeks of returning from vacation, please cancel and rebook for after this period. If you or someone you live with has tested positive for Covid19. Or if you or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms or has tsted positive.

We currently have fewer time slots available throughout the day. This is due to us increasing the level of cleanliness and disinfecting all surfaces and tools after every customer. Therefore the limited time slots that we have available are valuable and must be used as booked, and if not then cancel 24 hours ahead of time so that another can take the appointment.

If you do not cancel, and do not arrive on time or miss the time slot all together then we have to charge as if you were present. We hope you understand why we have to make these changes.

We hope you stay healthy and look forward to seeing you in the shop.

Please read below for more information on our protocols.

For the guests coming to the shop:

  • Triage health questions and a temperature check will be done at the door before entering. Wash your hands when you come in. We have hand sanitiser at the front door.

  • A Corona Tax of €5 is added to every client to compensate the extra time and costs that are made. After the crisis is over we will remove this.

  • Please pay by pin or mobile.

  • Do you have symptoms like head cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, raised temperature (38C+) or fever. Please stay home; cancel appointment and make a new one. Last minute cancelation due to illness always accepted. Better safe than sorry.

  • Stay home if someone you live with has any of these symptoms or tested positive. Cancel and make another appointment.

  • Face masks are available. Masks will be worn by staff during service so clients need not wear them. However clients must wear them while not in the chair.

  • Social distancing still in affect. Our chairs are 2 meters apart. We have added more seating outside the shop for extra waiting seats if necessary. Please remain socially aware of the distance.

  • Come maximum of 5 minutes before your appointment to avoid many people having to wait. We also will endeavour to work on time. However the situation is also new for us so bare with us please.

  • Come alone to the shop. Please don't bring friends who will wait for you. Clients who are underage or need help or guidance may be with an adult.

  • Extra time has been booked per client to disinfect the station after every use. We also disinfect all our tools as we always have. Every client also gets a washed cape.

  • We only work by appointment only.

  • Please follow any instructions given by our team.

You can cancel your appointment yourself 24 hours before by using the grey link (Annuleer Afspraak) in confirmation email that was sent to you (check your spam folders). Would you like to change your appointment? Cancel using link and make a new one online. You can also if all else fails contact us by telefoon using, tel. 020-8453778. It is not possible to change details of the the appointment online or by email or by phone. To change or cancel use link to cancel then make a new appointment.